Clynelish, 1982/1997, 58%, 0.7l

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Clynelish - Flora & Fauna, distilled 1982, 57.7%, 0.7l

Eine sehr seltene Abfüllung, insbesondere in der fassstarken Variante die zwar nicht wie die normale im Holzkistchen kommt, dafür aber eben fasstark ist was dem Aroma anscheinend nicht schadet!


Tasted in Whisky Magazine Issue 12 by Michael Jackson and Jim Murray.

Michael Jackson

  • Nose: Sweet grass. Lightly peppery/mustardy.
  • Palate: Creamy maltiness. Big flavours. Peaty. Seaweedy-fruity.
  • Finish: A fresh, mustardy attack. Some salt, too.
  • Comment: The most rounded of this Clynelish threesome. The fuller gold colour suggests more contribution from the wood.        

Jim Murray

  • Nose: Excellent complexity with diced carrots adding to the earthy, salady aroma. Some sweetness but drier than usual.
  • Palate: Fruity, grapey and beautifully mouthwatering: quite different from the nose. Brilliant sub-strata of peat runs throughout and adds a luscious sweetness to compliment the sultanas and spice.
  • Finish: Smoky and dries rapidly to allow in a cocoa effect.
  • Comment: A disarming malt that exudes sheer class.